Advice that you’ll never regret


Hey what’s up dudes? Don’t forget these tips and you’ll be happy as ever when you get older!

Keep your memories! It could be anything! A 100% on a test, a lucky pencil/bracelet, your favorite shirt, even a picture! I recommend making a memory book every year. Also something I heard is to take a picture every year on the same place so you can compare yourself throughout years.

SAVE MONEY!!!!! The way I do this is I have 3 jars. Spend, save, and college. Spend for things that I want right now. Save for things like books, toys, and music that I don’t have enough money for. College is obviously saving for college.

Be nice. And granted, other people will give back the gift.

If you are still in school, or even if you are an adult meeting new people, be yourself! Don’t act like them, even if you feel an urge to. Most of the time, people will like you and become a friend. If they don’t, they don’t.

If something happens like a secret let out or someone spreading rumors about you, let it go. It’s not that big of a deal, so why should you care? If there is a misunderstanding, kindly tell the person that it’s not true.

That’s all for today, so peace out! -TT❤