Festival (EPIC)


Yesterday I went to a festival and i got:

2nd in balloon popping, 4th in lime & spoon race, Girls won in tug of war, And that’s all i remember!

Omg so in tug of war the boys had 2 guys that are around my age, 3 toddlers, and 1 adult whereas the girls had 2 girls around my age, and 2 girls a little younger (I was in the back and the other older girl was in front with the younger ones in the middle) GIRLS STILL WON! OH! Ba – BAM! 😀

At the end, everyone got gifts and i got……… RED HEADPHONES! (Brand : d:vice) They sure know how to get gifts! All i’ve gotten at parties are like, coloring sets and jewelry making kits! Now you see why i am BLOWN AWAY! i have been listnening to music all the rest of the day yesterday and in the morning today while i was reading!!!

All i can say right now is – (Dork diaries style) 😀 !!!!!!!!!headphones folded headphones


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